Secure & Document: The Importance of RMM and PSA Systems in a Post-GDPR World


Secure & Document
Secure & Document

Simply deploying quality RMM and PSA platforms won’t allow a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to instantly deliver security or compliance services. Particularly with respect to requirements set forth in the GDPR, MSPs must put some effort and thought into getting the most out of these tools.

This whitepaper makes you sure to leverage your RMM platform and your PSA system to both deliver effective security services and record your successes against the bad guys.

And gives a solution which help customers prepare for GDPR, you have your work cut out for you—whether that’s setting configuration standards, or building, testing, and implementing scripts. MSPs can leverage the capabilities of a quality RMM tool to monitor and respond to incidents that violate any of the controls.

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