Sales and Use Tax Audits Uncovered: Who gets audited, why they get audited, and the impact on companies?


Sales and Use Tax Audits Uncovered
Sales and Use Tax Audits Uncovered

It’s safe to say that most executives and business leaders understand that businesses get audited for sales and use tax, but only a small percentage are aware of the material impact to their company should a state auditor come knocking on their door.

Unless you’ve been audited in the past, you might not know why certain businesses are targeted, what the most common types of errors auditors look for, and most importantly, how much it will cost the business should the audit outcome not weigh in your favor.

The analysis includes a breakdown of approximately 64,000 audits, 4,252, of which are currently in progress. This report also uses supplemental findings from the California State Board of Equalization Annual Report(2013-2014), which details the state’s sales and use tax audit revenue and supporting demographic findings.

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